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Our Areas of Focus

CAPDEV’s work activities are designed around the following key focus areas; in addition to responding to specific requests and emerging opportunities for work on development issues.

  • Promotion of Agenda 2063 through capacity support services, advocacy and promoting youth and women involvement.
  • Provision of development and capacity support services to development entities involving for example, strategic planning, capacity building, content and process facilitation of development work initiatives and processes, conferences and workshops.
  • Promotion of Intra-African Trade through advocacy, analysis, research, networking/partnerships and publications.
  • Generating innovative development ideas and designing programme implementation approaches.
  • Promoting grassroots level development, increasing opportunities for youth capacity building and access to development information;
  • Designing poverty alleviation strategies, including through grassroots wealth creation/small and medium entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • Providing support for programmes and projects – in terms of Design, Formulation, Implementation strategies, Reviews, Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Providing substantive inputs, as may be required, for strategic development processes, policy dialogue, development management, coordination, funding and partnerships in Africa.
  • Promoting and supporting the implementation of the Capacity Development Strategic Framework (CDSF) in Africa and related initiatives such as the Africa Platform for Development Effectiveness (APDev).
  • Supporting and promoting Intra-African South-South Cooperation (SSC), as well as overall South-South Cooperation.

Our Current Initiatives’ Focus Areas

We promote social cohesion through Social Fabric Enhancement Initiative (make a link to SFEI).

We also promote youth integration in professional life through our Internship Scheme initiative (make a link to Internship Scheme).

We facilitate access to various opportunities through our Opportunities Directory (make a link to OD)

We also focus on African trade through our AFTADI initiative (make a link to AFTADI)