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Current and Past Activities

Current Activities
Current activities of CAPDEV include ongoing work on varied issues and other work activities in the pipeline.

  • The African Union Commission (AUC) and the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) study on Agenda 2063 Capacity Needs Assessment and preparation of a Capacity Development Plan. The purpose of the study is to address the capacity strengths, and opportunities of continental and regional institutions in implementing Agenda 2063. Review of Member States’ capacity to be embarked upon shortly.
  • CAPDEV provides continuous technical support to the work of the African Solidarity Initiative (ASI) through its Executive Coordinator, who also serves as the Principal Facilitator. ASI is a project of the Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development Unit within the AU Peace and Security Department.
  • CAPDEV has partnered with the Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF), to organize the 7th African Youth and Governance Conference to be held in Johannesburg from the 09th to 15 August 2015. The YBF is a youth organization based in Ghana, to create supportive platforms to challenge the creativity of the youth, and to make available critical information and resources needed for total development of young people.

Past Activities
Over the past, some of CAPDEV’s activities have included providing varied services to different organisations, amongst others the AU and some of its Organs, NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency, the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), and the Regional Economic Commission (RECs) in the areas of capacity development, capacity building and institutional strengthening; contributing to the development of strategic framework documents. A mix of the past activities includes the following amongst other:

  • Consolidation of the NEPAD Agency Stakeholders and Partnership Strategy
  • Evaluation of the African Capacity Building’s Project: “Institutional Strengthening of the NEPAD Secretariat.”
  • Mapping and Scoping Capacity Development Exercise for the RECs, involving NEPAD, UNDP and ECA
  • Reviewing and Strategic Planning of the ACBF’s Capacity Building Programme for the African Union;
  • Evaluation of the work of the NGO “Association of European Parliamentarians for Africa” (AWEPA)’s Mobilising Parliamentarians for NEPAD (MPN) programme implemented in Africa
  • Capacity Needs Assessment for Institutional Strengthening for NEPAD, handled on behalf of the UNECA, AU and NEPAD.
  • Facilitating and handling the Strategic Planning of NEPAD’s transformation into the new entity – NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency (NPCA) and the preparation of the NEPAD’s Strategic Business Plan for 2010-2013.
  • Ex-Post Evaluation of the Pan-African Capacity Building Programme, handled on behalf of the DBSA, IDC and AFD;
  • Evaluation and Quantitative analysis of data of the Women on Environment programme in five provinces of South Africa.
  • Assisting the African Union Commission with its Institutional Reform, Strategic Planning and Dialogue aimed at making it more efficient for delivering on the objectives of the African Union.
  • Providing lead support for the development of the African Monitor’s (a major Pan-African non-state entity) strategic programmes, vision and initiatives – including the Grassroots Focus Index (GFI), the Development Support Monitor (DSM), and others.
  • Designing and supporting the institutional development of the new African institution under the AU/NEPAD – The African Observatory for Science, Technology and Innovation (AOSTI) workshop held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea on the 20th-21st.
  • Designing and undertaking a resource mobilisation strategy for CIDA
  • Chairing the capacity building working group of the Southern African Agricultural Development programme project (SAADPP) under the Nepad Business Foundation (NBF)
  • Designing and undertaking a recruitment plan for NEPAD
  • Contributing in the Managing Democratic Elections in Africa (MDEA), a programme of the University of South Africa(UNISA)

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