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CAPDEV staff includes senior officials who are highly experienced international professional officials that have led and managed various development activities and held influential positions both internationally and in the African region. The expertise of CAPDEV senior officials includes extensive experience in development work and capacity issues drawn from years of working in the UN system, the World Bank and senior management positions in national, regional and international institutions, and University networks within the African Diaspora. Senior members have also worked extensively with AU, NEPAD, RECs, UNECA, African countries, civil society organizations/non-governmental organizations in Africa as a whole. The shared relevant skills and employment experience includes the following, amongst others:
    • Representation/Coordinator of UN agencies and other development partners;
    • Extensive experiences in African and international programmes and projects on: democratic governance and election planning, food security/agriculture, foreign policy, diplomacy, inter-trade investments, environment including climate change, sustainable development, HIV/AIDS challenges, gender, capacity development.
    • Experience with other development issues such as: security; conflict recovery; humanitarian crises; conflict and post conflict development work including peace building, peace keeping activities and post conflict reconstruction and development; aid effectiveness, coordination and donor arrangements; public and private sector activities etc.;
    • Project/Programme development and management involving identification, design, formulation, implementation, review, monitoring and evaluation;
    • Implementation of projects that focus on strengthening capacity development through skills training and learning initiatives;
    • Strategic planning and management including scenario building and strategic choices;
    • Development and financial modelling, economic and entrepreneurial development projects, resource/funds mobilisation;
    • Policy development and formulation including comparative policy analysis and integration of complex emerging development issues; Policy oriented analysis
    • Resource mobilisation and management, budgeting and financial management;
    • Institutional and organisational development;
    • Communication and training skills;
    • Electronic networking and information sharing;
    • Facilitation of seminars and workshops, research analysis, report preparations and writing;
    • Designing and deploying training modules based on needs assessments
    • Providing translating services (documents and for international speakers)
    • Formal graduate/post-graduate qualifications for the team include: Development Economics, Economic Planning and Policy Analysis, Engineering, Environmental Management Standards, International Politics, The team has also undertaken various professional and specialized training courses, including in the areas of: leadership, business, organizational and strategic management, evaluation/assessment, programme formulation, change management, planning.
    • Working languages for the team include English, French, Spanish and various African languages (Zulu, Sesotho, Tswana, Swahili, etc.)
SPECIAL EXPERT TEAMS Whenever required CAPDEV pulls together high level expertise teams to undertake and deliver on special projects.

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