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AFRICAN TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE The African Trade and Development Initiative (AF-TADI), functions as a non-state mechanism, contributing new efforts towards promoting capacity building and education on trade for development in Africa. The AF-TADI also maintains working contacts with international organizations and partner countries supporting Africa’s trade and development efforts. The vision of African Trade and Development Initiative (AF-TADI) is to strengthen the capacity of key Africa stakeholders on trade issues; and to contribute towards a new level of expanded trade education and trade capacity building and human development in Africa. This involves promoting broader trade knowledge, research, networking, and creative thinking towards a broad based African “trade for development agenda”, considering the urgent need for greater efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. Through AFTADI some of the aims include: Providing innovative environments and opportunities for African government officials, trade practitioners, trade educators/students, private sector organizations and entrepreneurs working on trade and related issues-to develop a deeper understanding of trade issues, share ideas and enhance informal cross fertilization of ideas for promoting intra-African trade as well as on international trade issues. Promoting key regional, continental and international events aimed at connecting entrepreneurs to forge new opportunities for trade and economic growth in Africa. Promoting an African people-to-people and grassroots and dimension to expanding trade for development in Africa. Organizing and promoting (including through multi-stakeholder fora) networking, reflection, creative brainstorming on opportunities and approaches for promoting intra-African trade. Promoting internship opportunities and exchange schemes to further trade education and capacity building, and a greater understanding of development issues and processes for Africans, (particularly for youth, female candidates, and grassroots trade and development practitioners). AF-TADI, initially managed under the auspices of our Capacity and Development Services entity, seeks to mobilize a core group of interested organizations and institutions for joint collaboration; to promote Intra-African Trade as an important dimension for continental integration and human development in Africa.

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