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According to AU youth (aged 18-35) constitutes approximately 26% of Africa’s population. The socioeconomic conditions of young Africans have improved in recent years, though not considerably. There has been an increase in school enrolment over the past 20 years, and the gender gap in education has significantly narrowed. However, young Africans continue to face major difficulties in the realms of higher education, employment, health, and participation in decision-making processes.

African youth has the potential to be great impetus for Africa’s development, provided that appropriate investment in human capital is made. However, if issues such as high rates of youth unemployment, lack of quality education and under- employment persists, Africa’s development can be negatively affected. In addition, it poses a question on who will carry the Framework of the AU Agenda 2063 ad many other envisaged development plans globally. For these reasons, many African countries are placing greater emphasis on youth development. While strategies to improve the livelihoods of young Africans have already been put in place, with the youth population continuing to represent a sizeable proportion of the total population, better integrated and scaled-up initiatives on youth development are needed.

For this reason the Opportunities Directory (OD) serves as a catalyst to the previously mentioned issues. This OD is rolled out for mainly the youth (this will include, graduates, post graduates, people in need of work experience and scholarships opportunities). The information found is regularly disseminated amongst various higher education institutions. The various strategies have been put in place to include youth from all walks of life and in different circumstances.


Creating the next generation of African leaders that will take upon the responsibilities of contributing to the development of Africa.


Providing information which will help enhance Africa’s youth development.


  • To bring awareness to the opportunities that African youth can partake in which also contributes to tackling the issues of unemployment
  • To help the youth grow to their areas of specialities