Social Fabric Enhancement Initiative


Social fabric is the ‘software’ of any society

I am because you are_


The South African constitution provides a vision of a united, prosperous, non-racial and non-sexist society; a country that belongs to all who live in it, united in its diversity. With this, South Africa is praised as an important and positive example for its people and for the rest of Africa, where its successes and failures are felt throughout the continent and there is an opportunity to build on achievements. Nevertheless, this country is presently challenged by various social fabric “dividers” which are threatening the future harmony of this society. These “dividers” include: inter-generational divides, gender divides, racial divides, economic divides, class divides, levels of violence, levels of crime and levels of poverty.

What is Social Fabric?

Social fabric is defined as: The nature and web of interactions and relationships between people within groups and between groups. Social fabric in the context of society and people’s the linkage between ‘people to people’ connections to a society. It covers the nature of interweaving social interactions and human interface. The social fabric is both characterized and highly influenced by: human values, social systems, cultural values and the overall living environment.


The SFE is an initiative which is being developed in order to promote social fabric in South Africa. For a nation to realize its full potential, the social fabric of that country needs to be healthy, vibrant and strong. As an initiative we realize that creating a harmonized society leads to a positive and progressing country.

A core group of persons and organisations is working to promote a “Social Fabric Enhancement” agenda in South Africa. This group is planning to undertake a brief research study in order to identify the current state of some key elements of the social fabric of the country. This study will lead to the rolling out of a roadmap and an advocacy agenda towards improving South Africa’s social fabric in an effort to contribute to safeguarding and enhancing the wellbeing of this nation.

SFEI objectives

  • To raise awareness through advocacy on the importance of social fabric enhancement.
  • To strengthen the social fabric within communities and amongst and between diverse groups.
  • To improve the levels of tolerance, patience, understanding, communication and levels of good citizenship within the society.
  • To promote harmony and solidarity within groups, communities and between groups in this rainbow nation.