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Internship Scheme


University officials and employers almost universally maintain that partaking in an internship—or several, is integral to finding meaningful employment in today’s seemingly impenetrable job market.

Participation in CAPDEV Internship Scheme offers many benefits to undergraduate, graduates and PhD students; as well as to the Field Supervisors and Sponsoring Organizations/Institutions.

For Students:

  • First, it allows them to both make and develop professional contacts.
  • Second, it brings them from classroom /theoretical thinking to practical/innovative thinking, and prepares them for the world of work
  • Third, both full and part-time employment offers might become available.
  • Fourth, students can develop greater understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Fifth, students can refine their career goals.
  • Sixth, it gives them the opportunity to do real work, make mistakes on the job and be corrected.

With CAPDEV Internship Scheme, the job training emphasizes experiential external work learning that is unlikely to be attained in the school environment. CAPDEV expects interns to Progress towards attaining their specified level of proficiency or bringing about their desired ends.

For Organisations/ Private companies, Universities and others

Internship programs also hold benefits for the field supervisors and sponsoring organizations, such as:

  • Providing motivated workers at no or relatively low cost to an organization and furnishing the opportunity to train possible future employees for the organization.
  • Participation in internship programs allows the field supervisor and organization to maintain a working relationship with the university in which the students are enrolled.
  • In several cases, special projects can be accomplished more inexpensively by using student expertise.
  • Departments and universities benefit by providing a different mode of career education to their students and attracting attention to and the enrollment of majors in the department.
  • Administration of the internship also keeps faculty in touch with the needs of the working world.