Our Work

Our Thematic Areas

In addition to responding to specific requests and emerging opportunities for work on development issues, CAPDEV’s work activities are designed around the following thematic areas:

  1. Capacity Development Strategies. Activities under this area include issues of needs assessment; gender; youth and development; training; negotiations; Organizational and developmental projects due diligence, financial management; resource mobilization, project planning and management, disadvantage groups, institutional development and human capacity building etc.
  2. Governance and change management. Under this area, CapDev focuses on issues of economic governance, corporate governance, transformative leadership, change readiness, mindset change, paradigm change, human right, electoral processes, peace and security, conflict prevention and resolution, etc.
  3. Agriculture and rural economy. CapDev work on this thematic area includes amongst others, issues of livestock, fisheries, forestry, grassroots development issues, farming systems and food security, etc.
  4. Environment and sustainable development. This includes work on issues of climate change, blue economy, pollution, etc.
  5. Regional cooperation: CapDev’s work in this area focuses on issues of infrastructure, energy, regional integration, intraregional trade, cross-border initiative, communication, networking, partnership, etc.
  6. Wealth creation. The issues handled under this area include capacity development top enhance entrepreneurship, industrialisation, global value-chain, trade and development, export promotion, negotiation, development economic policy, agribusiness value-chain management, risk management, financial management, ppp management, etc.
  7. Knowledge management. This thematic area focuses on research, M&E, intergenerational dialogue, information sharing, dissemination of best practices, knowledge product, etc.